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Bible Teaching

Tuesday Night - 4 pm pacific, 5 pm mountain, 6 pm central, and 7 pm eastern time. Sunday Night - 3 pm pacific 4 pm mountain 5 pm central 6 PM Eastern

you are welcome here.

Welcome to Pastor Brian Neilson Ministries. Although we are primarily an online church, we still want to get to know you and to fellowship with you. For our online family, we love you and we are so grateful for your attendance and your support.

a message from our pastor

Hello and thank you for stopping by. I am Pastor Brian, like many of you when COVID-19 hit I was stuck at home and I was praying and asking God how I could serve him from home. God showed me that he wanted me to create this online church. God told me to start doing a weekly vs by vs Bible study working through the New Testament online. So I did. We did our first live Facebook Bible study on April 5th, 2020, starting in Matthew 1:1. It was a little rough at times. I was in the corner of our tiny bedroom behind the door talking to myself with my phone on the tripod. I felt like I was in time out in the corner. My wife and I used our phones to live stream until we could afford to buy all the equipment we needed to live stream. Trust me, if you don't know it takes a lot of expensive equipment to do online streaming, but it is so worth it. God has been very faithful as always and has provided the means and people who have been a huge help in training us how to do it. Again, you will see in the videos the progression or learning curve as the video quality and sound and the Pastor gets better with age. Ha, Ha! We have broadcast from a couple of different places. Currently, we broadcast from our home which like other times it is a work in progress to get it to look professional. But God is so good to us and provides as we have need.

I love to teach the word of God and I am truly humbled that he lets me. Thank you so much for spending some time getting to know us and I truly hope that you will join us live here or on our Rumble channel. Rumble

You can see all of our studies by going to our Teaching page.




You are family here and we welcome you into our home each week. We would love to be in person and give you a hug each week but that is not what God has called us to do at this time. Whether you are online or in-person it is all the same to us. The hug part is harder online. We hope you feel the love and most of all that you feel the Holy Spirit when you are with us.

Biblical Teaching

  • Here at Pastor Brian Neilson Ministries, we are all about teaching the Holy Word of God in its entirety. It is God's word and we should teach it as He wrote it; period. It isn't my word, it is God's word.
  • We teach the Bible verse by verse, in-depth. We aren't in any hurry to finish. We want to get it right and help our family grow their relationship with God in a powerful and meaningful way.

Our motto is: "You can't follow God's word if you don't know God's word". We didn't come up with that saying but it sums up our teaching and purpose very well.